Link Prospecting/Acquisition

• BuzzStream. This is the only email outreach and link prospecting tool that you’ll ever need. If you’re serious about SEO, then this has to be in your toolset. You can search for new link prospects, extract contact information, and send emails directly (from your own email accounts) through BuzzStream’s interface.

• Scrapebox. Often branded as a black-hat tool, Scrapebox is an SEO’s secret weapon. I wrote a really detailed tutorial on how to use Scrapebox for link prospecting, and Jacob King wrote an even better post that goes into more detail about how to use the tool for all kinds of things. You can use ScrapeBox for keyword research, large scale link prospecting, broken link building and all kinds of scraping tasks.

• HARO. Help A Reporter Out (HARO) is a popular press request service that’s ideal for gaining coverage within top tier publications.

• ResponseSource. This is similar to HARO but for more of a UK audience. ResponseSource, like many press request services, can be a link building gold mine.

• Muck Rack. Here’s a fantastic database of journalists that you can pitch through directly to gain coverage for your business. I’ve gained some amazing coverage using Muck Rack.

• BuzzBundle. This social listening tool can be used to capture links, social engagement or as part of a proactive social media strategy. You can monitor unlimited phrases across social media, blogs, news sites and forums — all in real time.

• Mention. This alert tool works in a similar way to Google Alerts, but it’s much more powerful. I use this on every SEO campaign that I run and often find opportunities that I’d never have discovered otherwise. It’s really cheap and will send you email alerts to let you know when your brand/keyword has been mentioned online.

• Image Raider. Reclaim attribution links from websites using your copyrighted images – a simple but effective link reclamation strategy. Search for your images using Image Raider’s advanced search engine and get a list of the websites that have used them without linking back to you. You can often gain a number of quick links this way.

• Whitespark Citation Builder. Perfect for local SEO campaigns, Whitespark is a great service for building local citations in bulk. This tool manually creates good quality citations based around the data that you give it on your business.

• WikiGrabber. Want links from Wikipedia? Here’s your starting point. Find pages within Wikipedia that need citations so you can create content that can be used as a reference to the article in question.

• Writtent. This is a content creation service that is both cost effective and of good quality. I’ve used the service tons of times across my digital campaigns, and the writers are great.

• Hostt. This free web hosting platform is ideal for hosting a number of domains on unique IP addresses. You don’t have to pay anything and you get your domains hosted on servers – perfect!

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