As i come across tools and resources for various kinds of digital marketing etc, i will try to compile them here as a source of inspiration and reference.

SEO Guides

I came across this great list of SEO tools and resources originally compiled by Matthew Barby who is Digital and Content Strategist at Wyatt International.

The list is divided into three main sections covering  Analysis Tools for the initial stages, followed by Link Prospecting/Acquisition resources and finally Performance Measurement.  Educational and insightful – enjoy.


Socia Media Guides

The Beginner’s Guide to Social Media

How to Get Your Blog Post Shared 1,000 Times

How to Maximize Organic Reach in the Facebook News Feed

Why Google Plus is a Great Traffic Generation Source


Social Media Marketing Tools

BuzzStream  is an amazing tool for researching contact information of influencers within a given niche.  The tool pulls contact emails from the entire website, allows you to take notes, highlight quality of their social following/website, and track your progress as you reach out to those people.  It also features a Google Alerts like search function, link monitoring, and imports emails from associated addresses into their UI so you can manage influencer outreach.

Buffer is a great tool for helping you structure and time your posts across multiple platforms

Hootsuite: Autopost to 5+ social networks for the free versions and more if you upgrade. Really good tool to get started.

Syndr: Autopost to 50+ social networks and allow your content to be syndicated to 1000s of other peoples social media profiles. uses real-time data from Instagram and graphs related tags in the background to display (hopefully) highly related tags that aren’t overly saturated allowing you to deliver more traffic.

Steady Demand is a terrific tool provides you with analytics, insights, reports and alerts, as well as detailed analysis of the quality of your posts and which types of posts send the most social signals to your website.

AdEspresso is a nifty little Facebook advertising tool that helps you create, test and optimize your Facebook ads.

IFTTT – Great to be able to keep up with some of the things that don’t happen as easily in the platforms and other softwares that are out there. Can give you alerts to your phone through  text to remind you to do things when mentions or posts hit your networks.




All My Plus is a fabulous resource that pulls all your public data and allows you to see how you are doing since the start of Google+ . You can see things like number of comments on your posts or number of comment on posts you reshare of others. Your most popular post, shared, commented, and plussed are also here.

Circloscope is a chrome extension that I use to manage followers. They have both a premium($10) and a free version. It allows you to uncircle people who haven’t public posted in awhile, or are not circling you back and a bunch of other sorting features by where they live or work. Because there is a limit to the amount of people you can follow on Google Plus this extension is  helpful for the necessary cleaning that will have to happen once you start using the site more or adding a few circles.

Buzzsumo is a very simple tool that allows the user to glean some very valuable information about what types of content are shared on what social media platforms most often.

CircleCount is an extension for managing your G+ marketing and following. CircleCount 1There are three facets. First, you can see who the most active, engaging and influential people on G+ are very easily.  You can break it down by gender, region etc.  This helps in allowing you to go after the people who are worth your time and that are posting relevant content.

The second facet is similar to Facebook analytics.  It allows you to see your most popular post, most re shared, most commented etc.  You can see break downs of when your posts are being engaged with:

The third facet is excellent for knowing who is sharing and engaging with your content within your network.  This tool alone has aided us in reaching out to the people who are already stoked on our content on their own.   Now G+ does offer this functionality outside of CircleCount, but CircleCount makes it super easy to access:




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