Monthly archives: May, 2016

Banking on Digital Simplicity

To survive the litany of challenges facing the banking industry, financial institutions must urgently pursue a strategy built around digital simplicity.

How Brand Assets Drive Brand Growth

How can you accelerate your brand’s growth by identifying the elements in your brand identity that are distinctive and relevant brand assets? Let’s explore. How Many People Have Their Hands On Your Brand? It’s not easy being a brand builder. There’s a lot going on. Does any of the following sound familiar? You lead or are…

8 Marketing Beliefs That Are Hurting Brands

What could possibly be leading marketers astray today? Here are eight beliefs that are hurting brands. 1. Millennials Are Real Marketers are obsessed with millennials. Ask almost any brand what demographic they are targeting and they will say it is those aged between 18 and 33. In my analysis of articles appearing in the trade…