Monthly archives: July, 2016

ChatBots in Consumer Banking

Image courtesy of SuitPossum This is Day 5 of ChatBot Week on Daily Fintech. You can see the intro and index here. How Much? ChatBots are great when customers want answers to various “how much” type questions, such as how much…. Have I got left? Will this cost me in interest/fees? Will I earn/save by…

3 Drivers Of Brand Choice

  Consumers look to purchase products and brands that are relevant to their needs. Self evident. But the ways in which they make choices are much more complex than quality or availability because they are so much more human. As Martin Bishop has pointed out, numerous studies have shown that ‘different’ exists in the mind…

The Transformation of the Digital Banking CIO

Banking CIOs need to acquire new skills and assume new responsibilities while fostering a collaborative start-up culture.