Go MOBILE or go home..


Mobile traffic

Now this is most likely something that most of us already know to some extent. The scale and impact is non the less incredibly relevant and interesting and as such deserves repetition..

Online streaming of video content and networking on various social platforms are monopolizing mobile attention, according to Ericsson’s Mobility Report.

Sixty plus percent of mobile traffic now comes from the top five applications in any given market—in the U.S. they’re Facebook, YouTube, Netflix, Instagram and Snapchat, respectively.  2014 was also the first time that more people watched streamed video content than broadcast TV

The impact on marketing and adverting is significant. By 2018, $118 billion of the $150 billion global ad market will come from mobile, according to eMarketer projections. The challenge of smartphones is creating content that is easily viewed and optimized for small screens. The mobile aspect of social networking also creates an opportunity for brands, particularly when integrated with location-sensitive functions on phones. Think native or programmatic advertising that can be personalised, and responsive to location. Certainly a shift that will have significant impact on all areas of the industry, from media agencies, to creative agencies to content producers.

Image taken from: Ericsson